Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 here we go.......

So having kept the birthday book until January 1st, from my pal Mary, 'Simple Abundance', Im now reading the daily sections, so I can take advantage of its wisdom........let me know if you notice any improvement in me will you? lol But don't hold your breath!!
I was struck with a quote at its start, so Im afraid Im going to pass the quotes onto you when they stir my brain, be

" a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shame faced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart."
Louise Bogan
I says much doesnt it, in so few words, be it motherhood, home making or creativity?

Okay have been stitching, after reading through Jude Hills fab online 'Cloth to Cloth' workshop, well worth buying into. So here are afew of my forays so far into her style.
The top pic is a large 14" ish block but the shirting fabric didnt really inspire me at first, so I was simply doodling with threads on it to give it more body. Ive been given the fabrics and was intending on using them Janet Bolton style with my own designs, rather than copying hers.
Then as I folded the block, it had more to say to me in its smaller sections, odd that! So it will be reworked into something else now its called to me!

 Next I faffed with an upholstery sample and wove afew offcuts into it then again doodled across it.

Then the weaving bug hit me full on, so I sought out my cyanotype fabrics from a  workshop in the summer and tore them into strips and this is far as I got last night. But I think the moon will need some hand tinting on the lace craters to make it more moon like........... but am now looking forward to 'sat, sitting' ( as my Grannie used to say) this evening with this work on my lap! See how easily I am pleased! 

Oh and the second workshop is here from Shelagh Folgate! So well worth buying into the Smashees course! Will have to make sure i get sruck into that too! It will be busy fingers this year...... all good fun! :)


  1. love what l am seeing herexlynda
    Have been subscribing to your blog for quite a while and am v impressed in what you are doingx waving from Putney in London. happy New Yearx

  2. Bless you for saying that Lynda. Hope you have a healthy, happy and enjoyable year with even a little prosperity maybe too! It helps too doesn't it lolol



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