Monday, 17 January 2011

The before and after woven hanging

 I posted this already but it kept niggling away at me. Somehow it wasn't right.
It's one of my sample pieces, based on Jude Hills instructions from her Cloth to Cloth online video course.  So knowing it wasn't right, I finally unpicked the lack lustre climbing garland and am now far more pleased with the small hanging.

I'm going great guns with the woven colour catchers, I just love their space dyed effect.
Ive just bought a piece of indigo dyed fabric, that came from Africa originally and am going to wash that to be sure all the colour is fast..........but I rather hope it isn't lol so I can put colour catchers in with it! Yes.....I know, sad or what!


  1. you and i feel the same about the color catchers. i was at the thrift store this morning and found a cute blue wool plaid jacket for less than $3. when i came home i put it in the wash with a color catcher hoping there was some color left in the garment. the color catcher is now a beautiful blue.

  2. Maybe we should have a cc swap because your blue might be better than my blue ! Yet you might think my blue is better than yours lol

  3. thanks for swinging by and waving the flag...