Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Gas mask done at last and Kiro Ali's Bazar

 It's finished, got my act together at last and it can now go in the WW1 Topic Box for work.......a try on-able gas mask.
It will give the kids the feel of wearing one am sure though its got no protection from anything what so ever smelly or toxic!

Oh and started clearing out some junk in my craft store at work and unearthed my miniature scene in a cardboard box from years ago.

We all had the same sized box at miniatures club and the challenge was to make a mini scene in it. My skit on a theme, was a bazar and it did have a Kiro himself stood in there wearing long flowing robes, but all thats left of him is his right foot!

I used egg boxes to decorate the back and side walls as I recall and it was abit of fun to make this one must admit.
Its worn surprisingly well, apart from Kiro's absence that is.........I ought to post pics of my other mini scenes, before they get trashed and are no more.
I made what must be the ugliest pedlar woman ever and a gruesome Harry Potter, but his trunk is pretty good !

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  1. I remember this, that was ages ago! Still looking great.