Monday, 24 January 2011

A finished piece I think and that ugly pedlar woman

 Just got this piece finished today. Layered in strips of fabric, with some flowers cut out from a japanese silk kimono offcut I bought off Ebay. Not too much hand stitching, but did use that split back stitch that Jude Hill likes to use and I too like the effect of it.
Will sit and look at it for a day or two to be sure it doesnt need anything else.
Do you folks do that too I wonder?

Oh and here's the pedlar woman, too ugly to be in Larkrise or Candleford mind you! Maybe I should redo her face but I figured she'd had a hard life lol


  1. love the way you manipulated that fabric on the stitched piece. and thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. Hi Liniecat - the top piece is very exotic looking - I can imagine it sitting well in an super trendy apartment! Thanks for your kind words at Storycloth. What sort of things do you make for visually impaired children? Gilly

  3. Thanks Gilly for popping in here.
    I make anything the children need to access the curriculum or to understand things. Plus at the moment Im putting together topic Boxes with tactile items in them, that they can handle when the rest of the class, have books and pictures to look at.
    So the gas masks Ive made will go in the WW1 and WW2 boxes.
    Am filling an old suitacse with items an Evacuee would have taken with them now for example.
    I research the written info then print it in large print, laminate the pages and then braille the content, so either a partially sighted child can read the large print or a braille user can read it too.
    The trenches model on the blog was to go in the WW1 box and am making an Anderson Shelter currently for the WW2 box. Have already made an Anderson Shelter model for our kids but doing this one abit different.
    If they need a model of a volcano or river esturay, I'll make one. I also make up tactile and large print versions of story books that the class is reading as well. (We have copyright license to do this for a child to access the educational curriculum and the kids get a great deal out of them.)
    Its is a smashing job and means I get to use all my craft skills and have to think laterally, to make realistic feeling tactile items too.