Monday, 10 January 2011

dye results, more woven fabrics and an exhibitors work

Well those veggie bundles I steamed were a mixed result. This above was the swede slices, brown onions skins and rusty nails, quite liked this one. The other one had little effect on it but is hung on the line to rain soak through, before it goes back into another stew pot.
Here are more colour catcher weavings, I love the way the shadings come out! Ive found its easier to lay them onto a piece of interfacing, smaller than the 'squares' size. so threy don't skittle all over your lap when your stitching them down.
This denim hanging needs a piece of driftwood through the top to finish it off. Ive backed it with another piece of denim to give it some weight, so it hangs nicely. I havent done much stitching on it, just doodling really.

 I'd like you to think I knocked this sea urchin up last night.......... too...... but truth is I didn't...
We had our East Yorkshire Embroiderers Society meet(EYES) on saturday and the lady that came to talk and display her work was Niki Brown.

She had imagined this adventurer chap, from way back when, 'Sir somebody-or-other Fortesque- Smythe',
who was lost in the Amazon whilst on expedition in 1800+.
Much later when he was found, he'd gone native, dancing off into the jungle with his 'woman' friend, turning his back on all the Dickensian h'educations.
But the folks that had gone in search of him, who had funded his expedition, were able to bring back his diary and many of his samples that he'd collected.... and there was a collectors case of beautifully (embroidered) shells and trinkets, (stump worked) beetles etc.

The sea urchin took my eye and I might have whisked it away, but for the fact that so many folk were -oohing and -ahhing over what was tucked in the case and small boxes on the table, I couldn't do the cat burglar thing I remained honest, as usual.
The talk was called 'Small but Beautifully Formed', which Niki admits, she isn't, but her work certainly is. She also had some delightful little renditions of nursery rhymes too, with foldy out this, that and the other bits.
Embroidery things I am totally without the discipline to do, but I do so much admire!

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