Friday, 28 January 2011

' here comes the promise of spring'

And to prove it here are afew snowdrops, brave enough it seems to raise their heads towards the skies, all be it, tucked in shady spots out back. Though not long since they were buried beneath alot of snow!
And before Id spotted them, I'd made the tea cup into a nesty thing, with the printed comment ' here comes the promise of spring' lol
I got fed up making the tea cups into pin cushions, so am onto using them in other ways. Mind you this needs to hang with the nest this way round, so have just used simple jute string for this one.
You can hardly see the egg in it, a painted compressed cotton ball and the nest is made from curled round, bamboo leaves and fronds.
They had to be tied to hold their shape but you cant see that as it is, glued into position.
I may have to make more!


  1. Thank you for your comment! I have had the nappy liners for about ten years - I got them at Boots. they are suppoosed to be the best for textiles but don't know if they still make them. If you are stuck I could send you a few!

  2. That might explain why I cant find them lol I wouldnt dream of taking yours, thanks for the offer though :).......Im drying some wet wipes out to see what they do...(unused ones I hasten to add!) and colour catchers are fun to use too. They have a fabulous leathery ceased look to them when theyve come out of a washload and dried, and pick up all sorts of shades from the washing.



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