Friday, 7 January 2011

a wow find and veggie (dye) steaming

At our scrapstore yesterday and found this painted I think bird on super fine cotton and it was the cotton I yearned for then saw the bird! There are delicate ties at the top so maybe its an apron or something.......not at all sure frankly.
Then there was this other stuff which is almsot elastocaqted in that it has lots of spots on one side as it if it might be a fusible, but as you pull it ~ it kind of pulls apart.
Anyone have any idea what it is please?
Of course I havent tried ironing yet tos e eif its fusible, not sure that it is by its feel, but thats too fascinated me! 

 Last night I made a veggie soup with the left over new year veggies, delish I have to tell you. Then thought Id use up the last few on some fabrics and steam them.
So laid out here ate strips of parsnips, brown n red onion skins and broccolli stalks sliced up, with rusty nails.
Thats been steamed for an hour or so and left to cool, may put it in compost bin for a short while next.
This ones also been steamed, has sprouts and slices of swede, brown onions skins and more nails. This now hangs out back for some weathering.

I have some mushrooms and can't decide how to use them as a or cold dye bath? slices on fabric and steamed?
May have to try all he ways! 
Okay short n sweet this post, off to stitch colour catchers :)

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