Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pins........broaches...hard to know what to call them these days..

I challenge myself, silly really, but rather than go ( to the workroom) in search of things, I make pins out of what's in my basket next to the chair in the lounge.... well, the basket, the shopping bag and the wicker box-y thing.....fabrics sort of overspill in them you know?
I wasn't too sure about the silk scarf (bottom left pin here) its a classic ugly design 100% silk scarf but it has  a snazzier look to it as a pin now.
I dont much like what Ive done to the bottom right pin, made from black fulled sweater fabric. I may take that apart and remove the blanket stitch edging and transfoil the felt edges instead.

I got some of the recycled sari yarn that you can knit or crochet with, from an Indian supplier on Ebay...worked out at £3.49 a 100gm ball, inc postage costs. I think thats cheaper than I saw them at the Harrogate show, but am pleased with them whatever the price.
There is bound to be some place here in UK thats cheaper lol
Anyway thats tucked into the top left pin, nestled amongst the folds and ruching, hard to see I know, so just try and imagine it!

I got up this morning and did my usual trick of glancing in the bathroom mirror, rubbing my chin to feel where the next 'quill' had started to grow and realised the humour of my doing this.
When I was a young, not bad looking lass, my first trick of the day was to tweeze the odd eyebrow hair from above my now?

 Im tweezing out blummin mini quills from my chin with as much ferver!
The eyebrows have faded to silvery so you cant see those lol
Why has Mother Nature chosen to grow quills in my chin?
Okay so she's got a sense of humour, but she could have left the stubble on the blokes, don't we have enough to cope with as we age, we women?
The bonus is that I dont need to actually shave ........yet!


  1. i think your pins are beautiful and look at all the cloth to which you gave far as the 'quills', your not alone.

  2. It does please me not to throw a thing out if it can have a new purpose, a useful purpose and if its fun too, then all the better.
    All the forms of energy that went into making a thing, the lives that centred round it being made too. I know Im not alone thinking this way thankfully and hope that the younger generations will take this ethic on, especially as we fear energy crisis in the years to come.
    My 26 year old daugher discards good clothing each year, Im sure to spite m! But then comes running if a particuarly favourite top needs a mend, so slowly, slowly Im working on her lol
    I was thinking this way in the LAST century ...a second hand advocate when it was deemed second rate to reuse. I'm part product of the hippy 60's and part learned behaviour from my Aunt who remade anything she aquired to clothe her 3 girls and their 3 Sindy dolls!
    I keep thinking there must be a use for the quills but maybe we are relatives of Michael Finningan who had whiskers on his chinn'agen....

  3. yes, the 60s. i remember. my dad made all our clothes so there was no throwing away or buying new. as far as the quills,once pulled, they begin'agen...wish you had the option enabled for follow-up e-mails. i only happened to come back here because of your comment on my blog--thanks.

  4. I can't see well enough to work on my eyebrows, so I am consoled by still being able to see my chin, to look on the bright side. Thanks for your comment on my blog.



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