Tuesday, 26 August 2014

2nd chair makeover, a new cat pal Willow and August hexi BOM

2nd chair started and ready for a new seat pad and recovering : )

My elderly neighbour told me friends of his were looking for a home for a 5 month old inoculated kitten. They had put a homing request out on his Facebook page and since he knew Id recently lost my old black boy Fergus, might I be interested?
I said if they got no takers by next week, I might consider it, but really hadn't thought I would have any more cats.
Its been nice for my remaining Hilly cat being on her own, well with daft dog and me for company.

 Neighbour must have construed that as, yes, Lyn will have him, because they turned up on Monday afternoon, the day after him asking!! - with kitten and bags full of his belongings!
The friends son and his wife seemed genuinely fond of the cat but reckoned their kids were too rough with him ( and had got scratched ) and they were worried he or the kids would be injured.
I wasn't altogether convinced and sussed something else was at play.
I suspected he was a climber, sprayer or generally unhappy where he was perhaps.

So I said okay I will give him a home. After they'd gone and Wilco - now Willow, pottered round, it was clear to see he was limping and had a back leg out of alignment.
In cat rescue you hear all manner of stories for why folks need to home on an animal and over the years I was actively involved, I've heard my share.

Willow isn't in pain far as I can see, so it could be a birth injury he's always had, but his former owners now say, they'd never noticed any limp before.
Oh but yes, hang on, he had jumped off the garden fence last week and limped a little then ~

There's no way you'd not notice this limp and out of kilter leg, so my guess is, it may be an injury that's partly healed itself skew whiff.
There was a lot of chat about it being expensive having ops at vets so putting 2 n 2 together, I wonder if they've not got the money to keep him. They are going on  holiday to Spain in 2 weeks too, so that would mean cattery costs I bet as well.

So meet Willow, soon to be neutered and xrayed to see what's going on in that hip n leg.
Now all I've got to do is convince one miffed Hilly cat and crazy dog that he's here to stay...........lol ......... all good fun!

And I have stitched the August Hexi BOM onto its backing -

and the July one too but have yet to photograph that one ~


  1. Seems to me that Willow is lucky to have found you.

  2. I think WIllow has found a great home with you (and I'll bet, from seeing the pictures, that he has a very loud purr).

  3. love the name Willow for your kitty. i have resisted getting another cat and am always tempted when i see new ones adopted.

  4. Hope it's not serious or costly -- what a darling boy. Deborah's right, lucky Willow. Love the hexi cloth!

  5. Welcome to your new loving home Willow. I'm looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks :)
    Lovely of you to give him a home Lyn.

  6. Poor little Willow! So glad he now has a responsible owner and I hope that Hilly and the daft dog accept him into their home!
    Your chair are great. Love the yellow one you finished and this one is also going to be a beaut!

  7. He's looks like a cute little cat. Good luck with daft dog and Hilly.

  8. I've had many, many animals over the years and some that came just because they knew there was a vacancy.....:)) I told my DH that we needed to put up a sign that said "No Vacancies....giggle. Elly is a rescue kitty. She's terrific with us, but it's taken a long time to warm up to the Grandkids. Who knows what her other life was like. Enjoy your new baby Willow.