Thursday, 21 August 2014

A wonderful story, request and a giveaway ~

I wonder if you'd nip across to Vicki's blog and read her latest
post please?

Vicki is the amazing lady who organises the annual Grow Your Blog meet and greet, online travel hop and she makes THE most stunningly beautiful textile and thread nests.
Those nests look utterly beautiful and often have personal trinkets and memorable items placed in them, frequently making them specifically for individuals.

Vicki has a story to tell you and a request, I hope you'll have time to read the story and maybe then feel inclined to help out some children.

I've donated, hope you might too : )


  1. I read her post - what an incredible project! I'm thinking about what I might do as well. I'll be posting a note on my blog later on about the project too.

  2. Thank you so so much for helping to raise awareness for these children. I'm so grateful for your support with this special project. You are so sweet to do this:)