Sunday, 3 August 2014

Car boot buys - table top rug frame?

Okay, so it doesn't look amazing does it, but it only cost £2 and I'm hoping it's a table top rug making stand?
Although those straps at the back throws me a bit?
Anyone know what it is if not a rug making frame?

 I'm on the search for odd dining chairs to paint and distress then refurbish with fabrics of some kind.
I'm trying to find a home for my 1940s ish dark oak table and chairs
below - they were great in my 1903 house but out of kilter in this 1940s one.

I have purchased a dining table, the top of which is made with recycled wood and am waiting for its delivery.

But what I fancy to go with it are 4 odd chairs - bear with me lol - each one painted in pastel colours but distressed, so an under colour shows through.
My sixties hippy days are coming back to me rather than the boho chic of today lol
I have bought ( reduced, end of line colours obviously) primrose yellow and lilac so far and found a reduced mocha paint for the base colour.
Now pal Jean bless her found me this ,silvery one on the right of piccy, got to collect it tomorrow -

and I do already have one like the black one above, painted a really light lilac already which will have a revamp too.

Then today I stumbled on 4 of these - but chappie wanted rid of all 4 at once. Given that one was a bit busted and in need of repair I bought all 4 darn it for £10.
Odd though they are I quite liked the design.
I can see them with retro fabrics, or patchworky scrappy fabric or even proddy rag ruggy replaced seats ....
(I may paint n distress 2 to flog at the Green Fair later this year.)

I've got one stripped down and a first coat of paint on it already.
It looks as if they have been recovered by someone with a stapler and red velvet Berni Inn fettish, some time since and I now have a 3/4" cut in my forearm, where the old screwdriver missed a staple lol
But I just love that back view, I've never seen a chair shaped like that before!
I may have to revamp 2, one could go nicely in my bedroom painted turquoise-light- jade ish lol may have to hand mix that colour mind you!


  1. it sure does look like a rug frame. i love the table you purchased. i looked at that same table when i first bought my house but it really didn't fit in with anything else in the room. very interesting chairs. can't wait to see how you transform them.

  2. Treasures! Love those new matching chairs. They will be fabulous when they are refurbished!

  3. Still having issues with comments on some blogs - did you get my other comment, or only this one???

  4. I'd have bought that gorgeous frame and pondered what to use it for later. Love wooden tools.