Sunday, 10 August 2014

From this to this ~

 From this car boot find, with some effort
                                                    to this below lol
the first of my proposed set of odd and differently painted/distressed dining chairs : )

I've sent for some wide ric rac to stick round the edges of the lightly padded seat back and then it will be complete and I can claim a 'finish' : )

Chair number 2 is already undercoated but the outer edges of Hurricane Bertha stopped me top coating it outside today. My patio flooded again but least I can say I've now 'paddled' twice this year, although neither time was I at the beach!

I'm going to have to teach myself German, since I bought a fabulous book but it's in German lol and what's more, I knew it was in German when I bought it.
So further proof of my daftness, right?
Well possibly, but I was intrigued by the unusually shaped EPP templates.
The book is 'Liesels Funfecke' by Hilde Klatt and Liesels Niesner
and here's a taste of why it interests me.
I love the skew whiff, not quite a hexi shaped petals and when they are fussy cut, there are some cracking possibilities.
Since I can't read whatever it is the authors call the template shape,
I'm sticking with hexi!
I'm sure there's a proper name for it so do tell me if you know it please : )

A bit of a different 'hexi flower' layout below.

Spot the cat - lol



  1. wow...beautiful transformation with the chair. i bought a tatting book that's all in does have diagrams but one of my blogging friends translated parts of it for me. maybe you can put it in google translate.

  2. love the chair...great transformation....the epp looks really interesting... a "pentagon" but all sides a different length.... I'd have to be really careful to remember left and right cutting and stitching to make but great results...

  3. Great transformation on your chair! The book looks very intriguing--too bad I don't remember much of my grade school German.

  4. Your chair looks so cozy and much more modern after the transformation. It's a wonder what a coat of paint will do! No help with the translate from this quarter I'm afraid.