Monday, 4 August 2014

Its not a rug making table stand lol

LOL It is not a table top rug making slate, no! -
thanks to Jean ( who enlarged the pic
and recognised what it is! ( ex nurse that she is!)
          we now know this is  ~  a pillow support for the bed !

That webbing at the back of it did throw me a bit,
but I assumed it was a very old style table top stand -
          well how wrong can I be lol

I am not down hearted because I will remove the aged linen and the webbing on the back and it will still serve just fine as a rug making slate in any case!
I will well have to take the frame off the base but that will be easy enough, so I still think it was worth the 2 quid!

And here's one of the oddly shaped chairs with it's second base coat on, which has come out much lighter than I'd hoped, but should still look okay showing through distressed parts of the primrose yellow top coats.
Of course now I have to think through what form of fabric to use to recover the seat and whether to replace fabric on the back of the seat too!

It was my scrumptious girl day today - she's
a climber, like her Mum was at this age lol
A tom boy to be!


  1. i would have thought a pillow support would have had a solid back. glad you can still use it. that little one looks like a charmer.

  2. Well I never in a million years would have guessed that it was a pillow support!