Thursday, 21 August 2014

More Chatsworth piccies

Some more of what I found interesting at Chatsworth House ~

fabric manipulation for example although also a home for spiders!

The guest bedrooms had the most wonderful hand painted wallpapers.
It came in 12' rolls that were 4' wide and any left over, they would cut out the birds or butterflies and stick them on the paper that's been hung.

hexagons again !

do you like tassels?

I thought these figures were stunning -

and this just blew my mind ~ reckon its fabric? nope -

Can you imagine how much skill there is in carving stone and
making works like these?


  1. Seeing all that ruched fabric, although beyond impressive, just makes me want to sneeze! Can you imagine how much dust those thing would collect!? I've seen sculptures that look like such realistic fabric - such amazing artistry.

  2. Wow-- these photos show such an amazing place-- you must have had such a wonderful visit there!