Monday, 18 August 2014

And now Chatsworth House - Oh WoW!


These Tulip trees greet you as you enter the main house and they were incredibly beautiful. Apparently they don't flower often and they had this year so Chatsworth folks had been thrilled about that.
Called Tulip trees because of the shape of their leaves, which are richly waxy looking and a luscious green.

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire own and live in this incredible house, whose building started in 1687.
An impressive room this, the painted Hall



loved these dogs!

and these too

This phenomenal triptych is a computerised piece of artwork and I wish to goodness I could recall who it was made by, but its is stunning.
The trees subtly move, as if a breeze is wafting around them.
And although you may not be able to see them, there are two continuous lines of moving people, running left to right.
I read it as perhaps the lines of Jews being forced from their homes but it could just as easily be soldiers moving through areas,
 or economic migrants.
It is called People in Transition so I guess you will view it from your own personal perspective.
I thought it was remarkable.
There's a lot of Tromp L'oeil to be seen and frankly, well it beats modern moulded coving hands down!

Try and get a closer look and imagine how difficult it must have been to carve those flowers!

Fascinating to see how they positioned candles on the walls so they might see their way round the hugely high walled rooms, before light bulbs. they must have been a fire hazard given the walls are clad in fabrics!
You wont be able to see clearly but this cabinet is a feast of

Pietra Dura, it was utterly beautiful.
                              See what I mean below, this was about 1.25" wide!
                              Can you imagine how tiny those pieces are!
Bet you hadn't considered doing this with your built in
wardrobes in the bedroom!

Okay, more pics tomorrow, but do watch the You Tube link about Chatsworth, it shows the main building and some of the grounds.


  1. Beautiful pictures. We have those trees here in Georgia! We have quite a few of them on our property. Their blooms are yellow and orange and they have just finished blooming.

  2. amazingly beautiful. thanks for sharing. wish i could see it all in person.

  3. Looks like you enjoyed the visit to Chatsworth. Mike and I went last year for the Game Show in the parkland which was fantastic but I did not like the house quite as much as you. Too blingy for my taste! The dog sculptures were great though

  4. Amazing to see this - thank you! I find it so hard to wrap my head around someone actually painting on the ceilings.