Saturday, 23 August 2014

Finished, my first distressed chair ~

Panic not - not loads of pictures this time! lol

I sent for several widths of ric rac off Ebay and they were all too narrow for the chair, the only one that seemed right, a 25mm width,
 was thin and naff quality.
But then whilst in Bakewell I stumbled on a little shop selling all sorts in an arcade of sorts and he had 25mm ric rac that was superb quality.
So this is it on the seat back now ~ and I'm happy enough with the result and it's a finish, so bonus !



  1. wonderful. i know you must feel such a great accomplishment....i know i do with these kinds of projects.

  2. Looks like a perfect chair to write poetry in, or paint pictures in, or drink a pot of tea in!

  3. So cute!! I've always been a fan of ric rac and the size you finally got is perfect for the chair.

  4. your chairs turned out too sweet!

  5. Very pretty. Love the ric rac!