Monday, 1 September 2014

London trip, fancy fast cars and my new table

I survived the 2 day coach trip to London with my 6 year old grandson!
I had blisters and a bit of a numb bum but we had a good time.
Grandson thought the visit to M n M World and a ride in a real London taxi were the best bits, followed by the dinosaurs.
Although the night time visit 7.30 - 9.30 was a stretch for the dear boy ,who was asleep walking by the time we finally got to our hotel in Hemel Hempstead at 1030!
Wont bore you with lots of pics but I have to say that Smarties have completely lost the battle, M n Ms Rule, even if they have taken liberties with our Monarchy lol

There's as many again os these vertical containers, where you can dispense your own choice of coloured M n Ms into bags.
Every colour and mix of them as you can imagine.
Kid in a sweet shop? - exactly!

He wasn't totally convinced that T Rex was a robot and this is as far as he'd go to the surround fencing lol

Friday evenings are drinks and crepes or fancy snacks for the bright young things in the museum, so there was an awful lot of them wafting around, so I don't really recommend it for taking young children.

We did the red tourist bus trip but there wasn't much chance to take pictures and we didn't have time to go back to many of the places we'd seen.
But this upside down house front took my eye, apparently a artist statement about us not noticing our surroundings in cities.

and you couldn't help but be awed by these pottery poppies.

And how about these for a flash hotel forcourt !
Gold plated Bugatti

no, Park lane, so not our hotel !

And here at last is my new table made with a recycled wood top
- I love it!


  1. what an adventure you both had. love seeing the poppies close up. and love your table and chair. it's all coming together.

  2. hmmm - wonder who was more of the kid in the M&M sweet shop?? Amazing things you saw and I know both you & your grandson will remember the trip always. You're a good grandma!!

  3. I would love to see that poppy project; to my way of thinking, it's public art at a high level of brilliant. But what a busy trip you've had! I'd be a week recovering ;)
    Your table is lovely, and I hope you enjoy many happy hours at it's beautiful wooden top. Is that white oak, do you know?