Saturday, 20 September 2014

Okay Christmas is coming - but ... and then this link!

Picked up my great pal Mary ( over from Perth Australia ) at Hull train station Friday evening and what's that in the Hotel window?
It's still September damn it !!
Isn't enough that stores are stocking shelves with bloody Christmas cards and the Cats protection League Christmas catalogue has already in the post!

sighs with feeling .......................

Oh and I love this button idea - what do you think of it?


  1. Yes, the Christmas stuff is starting to creep into the stores here too. It seems that it gets earlier and earlier every year. Pretty soon they won't bother taking it off the shelves at all. Haven't seen a tree up...yet. Re the buttons - I have it 'pinned' with plans to try it. Actually had revisited the pattern today to remind myself what sort of buttons it used.

  2. Think even I might be able to manage to crochet these.

  3. oh wow those buttons are very cool-amazing what people come up with

  4. Actually, my friend, I am ready for a Christmas tree - especially in this beautiful setting! Warmed my heart. So thank you! And the buttons are fabulous! Also thank you for the link.