Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Phillippa Naylor talk at stitchy club

Last Saturday we had Philippa Naylor come to speak to us at stitchy club and speak she did lol
That lass can talk faster than a gatling gun can fire bullits!
But just look at this quilting ~ stunning, densely packed stitches ~
it's worth 'enlarging' the pics to see the detail.

Club members put some of their work on the stage too

I loved Heathers small primitive quilt below with it's calming fabrics

Below are some of the fabric postcards members made for a display,
the subject was 'holidays' and of course, it was the tactile ones I liked the best.

                         But this seagull n chips, by Kathleen Rial
                              was by far the best of them all LOL 


  1. what a vision to be able to put those spectacular colors together and such fabulous quilting.

  2. I noticed all the little sequins she added to her work...definitely takes lots of patience to do that. Seagull and chips is SO well done too!

  3. Wow, that is some club you belong to, Lyn. Are those photos of the UNDERSIDE of the first quilt up there? I cannot even imagine the precision in her quilting! It must be so fun to see and share your projects, too -- I love the crocheted piece. xo

  4. Wow--that quilting is amazing! I would be happy to be half as talented as Philippa!

  5. Amazing quilting. Does Phillippa quilt on a long arm or a domestic sewing machine. That seagull and chips postcard is the best! Love the beak grabbing the chip and the other gull eyeballing what's left!