Tuesday, 9 September 2014

waheyy! I have sprouts lol and a 3rd chair all but sorted

Okay, so I'm easily pleased, I know.
But I've never grown sprouts before!
Indeed all the major leaves had been chewed away at by weeny, wiggly caterpillars so I'm amazed that these teeny, tiny sproutlings have survived - so far!
I have 3 other sprout plants and they are still thinking about their sprouty stage, so this may be my entire crop ~
but even so, I'll be thrilled to eat them as and when.
And then next year, there will be more!
( Have you tried grating sprouts in stir frys, soups or salads?
If not, give it a go!)
Chair number 3 is done!
This was the black lacquered chair and sanding it was like taking off solid black treacle, so most of it is still on!
I did manage to take the top layer off and intended to paint it twice over before sanding it back, but one coat gave me the oh-so distressed look I was after!
So bonus!
A light sanding back and waxing and I'm happy with it.
However I think I may make a slim cushion pad for it, in vintage fabric.


  1. I like your collection of chairs, so neat. That was quite some work sanding of all the black! A think cushion would look beautiful, I'm sure.
    Congratulations on your sprouts. So far I have never had luck with sprouts... Perhaps one day, who knows?

  2. that plant looks like broccoli. what i call sprouts are the seeds that you grow and eat just as soon as they 'sprout'. too bad the caterpillars got there first. your chair looks wonderfully vintage.

  3. I share your sprout celebration! Every little vegetable is a success in my book :)
    Your chair vision is really coming to fruition as well - nice!

  4. You might just about have enough sprouts for your Xmas dinner! Don't know why people hate them so much, I love them. Broccoli is a different matter, ugh!

  5. I absolutely love your three chairs at the table -- the chair you just refinished is perfection! Is the plant brussels sprouts? I'd never thought of grating their little "cabbages" or "sprouts", but that's a really great idea!

    I am interested in that blog hop. xoxo

  6. Yum - sprouts! The third chair looks great and both chairs look fabulous at the table!