Sunday, 28 September 2014

A visitor, a comfy cat and stitchy bits

Pal Mary was over from Perth Australia and spent a few days at mine and we had lunch out at the quirky East Yorkshire Tea Rooms in Hessle one of the days.
Don't you love the way the sparkly fairy lights around the old mirrors look and then they go and light an elaborate old candle stick too for added effect?
They highlight Mary's silver surfer hair too lol : )

As you can see new kitten cat is growing and settling in nicely, all be it he still refuses to come to his name - any of them lol
Did I mention he's now called Harvey?
He shows good sense and sees the possibilities that fabrics hold!

Had my grandson for a night stop and after a shower he got comfy on the sofa with his new pal ~ he was doubly delighted when Harvey chose to sleep on the end of HIS bed with him lol

I have a 12' run of white painted mdf which covers, pelmet style,  the old metalwork for the sliding doors that were previously between my front and back living rooms.
I wanted to make some pennant like pieces to fit along its length.
I'm going to use old linens, embroideries, tapestry pieces and some new fabrics and make them in the style of 'prayer flags'.
I've always liked the way Mandy Pattullo pieces some of her smaller work, like her birds which you can see on her blog.

It means I finally have found a use for some of my rust and flora dyed vintage linens, which can be transformed into something, rather
than them sit patiently in boxes :)
I picked up The Hand Stitcher book up in The Works, as you can see for only £5.99, which was a good buy.
Although it must be disappointing for authors if they see their hard work, reduced down to such low prices in discount stores don't you think?

I think the background fabric was probably achieved with Mahonia stems, but since Picasa removed my pictures from old blog posts,
I cant check back on posts to confirm that.
And of course I didn't have the sense back then, to label fabrics
so I'd know what gave me which results in the future! duhh


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! And it looks as though Harvey and your grandson have bonded.

  2. love the name Harvey for a cat....and cats seem to love children always.

  3. I started to give my very greedy cat a treat whenever she arrived after being called. Work a treat now and she turns up every single time. Although sometimes, like right now in Springtime, she is a bit slow.

  4. I also love the lights around mirrors but how come they never look like that when I try at home? Mine always look so untidy that I gave up....thanks so much for visiting :)