Friday, 3 October 2014

If I can finger type - is it broken?

Well it seems I can still type with one finger!
Having cockled over and ended up on one of my (ample) buttocks 
(now bruised) in town today, I caught myself with my right hand as I fell.
To say it's painful is an understatement but I'm not convinced its broken - yet - 
Whilst I can't unscrew a wine bottle ( slight panic ~) with my right hand and neither could I use pliers earlier, I can prod keys,
so will sleep on it and see how it is tomorrow : )
Fortunately the wine bottle was opened, for medicinal purposes you understand, with my left hand using a bottle opener gadget,
so all is not lost. Phew....

Anyway, I need to get knitting for the Green Fair come November where I sell hand knit Head Huggers and fingerless gloves amongst other things.
This above is the first of this years batch.
I use recycled jumpers and mostly vintage yarns for these.

I must tell you my Commission came through!
I got paid - I got paid - lol

This is proof that mobile phones can have their problems, so beware!
Her fancy phone wasn't working properly but she of course hadn't known!
And her email was a gmail too so she hadn't got any of my emails either!
I had her Mums embroidery framed - in a vintage tea tray I found at the car boot, and she was thrilled to bits and bought all 4 trees in the end.
Whoop - whoop : )

I had started to make 'flags' to hang on the mdf panel that sits between my front and back rooms and here's a start to the run of pieces.
The first one I made had a woollen bird on it, but it didn't feel right,
so its under re-construction at the moment.
But happily, a piece I bought from Deborah Ohare fits in beautifully : )


  1. Cockled over? And just what were you imbibing prior to said cockling incident, young lady?? Seriously - you'd better hie yourself off to the medical professionals and have that hand checked out. btw - glad your commission came through!

  2. Ouch! Here's hoping it's a sprain, not a break!

  3. Oh Lyn, you poor thing. How painful. I hope the finger is back to 'bottle opening ready' really
    Happy to hear your commission lady finally got her work. It was all so lovely so she must be very happy.
    I have one of those panels too........above my sliding door. Wonder what I can put there....

  4. Hope your finger is OK. I had a fall today too. Got wedged in an unmanauverable (?sp) spot, so I couldn't move my feet to save myself. Took a raft of skin off my left arm :( Felt very sorry for myself. Your bird panels look lovely.

  5. Wow! A nice surprise to see my bird with your lovelies:D
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your fingers to not be broken.

  6. Sorry to hear about your fall. Good luck for a speedy recovery. Your knitting looks great and I love your idea of making bird flags for your panel :)