Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween and a wonderful wall

Well I hope you had a Happy Halloween, even if you were just snuggled up with the lights off, trying to avoid the trick or treat-ers at your front door lol
I survived reading a story at a local library, were they had organised a Halloween night for this evening.
The council were going to close it down but residents fought hard to keep it open and it's manned entirely by volunteers now.
All credit to them, it's a delightful and well used community library that is well used by local groups for meetings too.
I'd once said to one of the volunteers I know, that if I could ever help I would lol 
Well, they called me on it, asking me to read a spooky story to about 30 kids!
I took my grandson as back up mind you!

I went as a witch - no,  this is not my usual look, although I rather liked the pink and black hair, it certainly beats the average blue rinse, for women of my age! the green skin does nothing for me mind!

Had my grandson for a couple of days, it being the school half term break so we had an amble on Hessle foreshore, beneath the Humber Bridge where there were a couple of clambering structures.
He was practising his Spiderman skills but realised he's not that good with heights - yet.
The weather was amazing, bright, sunny and 20 degrees warm with a pleasant light wind ................ you'll see, it will be snowing next week!!

Last Monday granddaughter was definitely playing to the camera too!
She'd been feeding her baby doll, having troffed the jelly herself lol

Oh and what about this incredible mosaic wall !!
Do go and see ~ I just love the tree bit!!


  1. I thought that was a very fetching look you were sporting. I'm sure all the boy witches (warlocks?) must have been drooling in their cauldrons. Amazing wall too!

  2. Congrats to all of you for keeping your library open. It sounds like you have a lot of fun with your grandchildren :)