Saturday, 8 November 2014

Adapted my poppy and tears for the falling poppies and lost lives

I've been meaning to do this for years and finally done it.
I pay at least a fiver for my poppy but it falls off within a day or two and I end up paying for another one, or two!
So this year I paid more but adapted it, so I stood chance of keeping it till Remembrance Day.
Am glad I did, its been successful!
I used the central black button and the paper petal too at the centre and stitched a broach fastener on the back.

Being ex RAF I'm torn between tears and pride when I watch on tv the 'Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance' programme which takes place in the Royal Albert Hall.
It's been on tv tonight and this year had 2 of those incredible life sized, horse puppets, from War Horse taking part.
It's a remarkable, religiously underpinned, event to watch, so touching.

Whilst I would love to experience it there, I'd be inconsolable I know.
The Squadron once sent me and others to Banbury in Oxfordshire to march on to, and stand on a stage in the village hall there, for their Remembrance Service.
All was well until they dropped bloody poppies from above on us and the Last Post was played - and I broke my heart, there on stage tears streaming down my face, hoping my mascara was waterproof but actually, too upset to really care!
they didn't send me again thank fully lol

How lovely, they have had a young German lad read a eulogy in german as well as an English lass read in english.
There was little difference between all those lost lives.
Death levels us all doesn't it.
Oh ------------- poppies falling ---------

I watched this week on tv a short series called 'The Passing Bells' and was in tears at the end of that too.
It was poignant and it cleverly but simply brought home, the fact that lads and men chased off into WW1, from both sides of the North Sea and beyond, but were in exactly the same desolate position when it came down to it.
Their families too, harboured the very same fears for their loved ones safety and it showed how absurd the situation was for everyone involved.
Did any of you watch it too, if so what did you think to it?
It was less about waving British flags and far more about impartially  commemorating ALL those lost lives.

The last scene of the last episode was remarkable, bringing all those lost lads from the trenches together in such a beautiful way. If only ~