Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fallen again and a box I couldn't leave behind ~

I must have cleaned the bath and not pressed down the bath mat properly - so that the suckers would stick in position.
So my short shower this morning came to an undignified ending with the mat slipping away and me crashing onto the bath edge lol
So relieved the kids haven't put CCTV in to monitor my ageing safety!!
I managed to land, ribs to bath edge and trust me the bath edge is pretty solid dam it.
Now Jack Baur ( from the 24 series) can be tortured, have broken ribs and still hurtle about and drive like a F1 hero, but this old biddy isn't quite so able.
I reckon I may have cracked a rib judging by the pain, but am holding off till tomorrow before I go to A&E - again!
Happily, Evie can go elsewhere tomorrow lol what a dippy mare I am.

Above is a lady wearing her newly purchased 'Head Hugger', one of the things I was selling yesterday on a stall at the Hull friends of the Earth annual Green Fair.
Her friend behind her also bought one and is wearing hers too.
It's a really nice fair to do, not least because volunteer ( good!) musicians come along and play fiddle, violin, guitar or whatever kind of instrument they play in the background.
Mostly foot tapping folk music which is lively to listen to. 
I hadn't made such a great deal with injuring my wrist but did have a good stash of fingerless gloves made up and a small batch of hand knitted head huggers, all different and everything made from recycled materials.
In fact I only had one Dream Tree that I had made up, but it didn't sell.

I did really well must admit for such a small scale fair so now have a very reasonable fund to spend at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitches show next weekend - assuming I am able to manage the coach journey day out! Then the Chinese meal the kids are taking me out for that evening, for my 65th birthday.

Anyway just to prove how bloody silly I can be, having hauled myself up out of the shower I went and drove to the car boot for free range eggs and fresh veggies.
It wasn't a clever idea and the journey back was really fraught with pain - thankfully it's very close !
But I did manage to find this for £3 and thought it would be lovely for next years salad leaves. However already unable to carry my bag on my left shoulder as I would normally, it was a bother getting it back to the car, because it's actually very heavy!
So far both cats have sat in it and seem impressed by it - cat approval is obviously very important lol


  1. I don't think the kids need to install CCTV - all they have to do is read their mother's blog for all the gory details! Hope you didn't break anything!

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall! I hope it's a "just" a bad bruise and not a cracked rib. I've cracked ribs twice, and gosh, it really puts a crimp in one's ability to breath without pain :(

  3. I love Harrogate, I was there for a Michael Ball concert all the way from USA. Have been several times to see him. Make sure you go to "Bettys" - get better soon.

  4. Oh my! Sorry you hurt yourself. Go to the doctor!!! I won't tell the kids.

  5. oh do be careful and have that fall checked out. amazing how within a few seconds we can go from perfectly fine to disaster. you must be pretty tough to have gone out after that. take care of yourself.

  6. You need a keeper!!! My goodness woman - you have to stop all this falling about....people will think you imbibe too much of that wobbly pop. Seriously - do take care of yourself and this time don't wait so long to get checked out.

  7. Gentle hugs. Do hope it's nothing more than bruising........although that is painful enough. I think A and E is a good idea. It might be different staff to last time :)

    Shame the tree didn't sell. It's a gorgeous one.

    Those ladies are good adverts for your head huggers too.

  8. Cats always love wine boxes. They fit inside nice and snug. You might never get to use this one for your salad leaves!

  9. Oh dear Lyn. You really do need to be careful of yourself. BTW how is that finger?

  10. Hope it is just badly bruised and not fractured ribs. Either way, painful! Take more care X

  11. Slips in the bath are so easy and common. Best have a check.