Saturday, 15 November 2014

Finished hexi garland and a Ruth Brown digital workshop

There's not much to it but I reckon it will look pretty around a Christmas tree and there is a different fabric on each side, to add to the twisty twirly look - and it's a finish!
Though I'm going to make another now : )

I had paid £40 to attend a Ruth Brown Digital Imagery on Fabric workshop and it was today. Ruth lives close to Hull and since it was to be a largely ( sat down) laptop involved workshop, I decided to taxi through and attend it.
Besides if I didn't go, I'd have lost the £40!

So I Ibuprofen-ed myself up to the gills and attended and am glad I did, because it was pleasant company and informative too.
I had played previously with all but one of the techniques but it is so different when someone talks you through the process, rather than going it alone after reading about something.
Though I left an hour or so early, by which time the pain relief was failing lol

I bought Ruth's digital book, which she offers at a reduced price to folks on her workshops and I had previously loaned it from our stitchy clubs library, so knew how good and informative it is anyway.
I printed off my own photos of a hogweed and some snowdrops and also a couple of Ruth's own photo stock on fabric.

I have used freezer paper before to slide fabric through the printer but as Ruth said, it often starts to curl on itself when it comes out.
So she recommends using those whole, A4 sized self adhesive labels you can get in Staples or other stationery suppliers.
Well, how much easier they are to use for goodness sake!
And, you get several applications from each label so its economical too.
Far simpler and faster should you need to make lots of prints on fabric, nice one Ruth, thank you!

We also printed onto fabric using fabric medium and brayer, then transparency photocopies using the orangey Citra Solve to transfer images from paper photocopies.

I bought some Citra Solve some time ago but hadn't gotten round to using it and have long since misplaced the instructions Id copied out,
so this was great for me - I will know how to use it for sure now I have watched it done.

Of course, I'm no longer sure where I put the Citra Solve of course ..

There was a Cat Protection League, cat rehoming event going on in the same building today and it was sad, because the organiser - who I know well from all our years in cat rescue - told me all 6 of the cats had spent more of their short lives living in cages, than living in caring homes.

It took a lot of discipline not to come home with one to play with Harvey, since Hilly cat is determined not to 'play' with him.
She's the Duchess to his Charlie Chaplin, she oozes dignity and he's got none lol


  1. sounds like it was great class and i love your hexi banner. you were brave to go given the pain you've been having but it sounds like it was a smart move.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful workshop. I'll be expecting great things from you!

    As for another cat, I can't imagine Hilly would welcome another interloper!

  3. What creative techniques you use. Sounds like the workshop was worthwhile and it is great to share in a group. I enlarged the photo of your Christmas Hexie banner. So pretty too. Are you starting to feel any better?

  4. I'm sure you were glad you hyped yourself up on drugs and went to the workshop and thank you for the tip re the self adhesive labels. I've always used the freezer paper method with varying degrees of success so it will be interesting to try the label version.