Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lynda Monk tutorial, how she made those lovely hexis!

Did I mention I have a stash problem?
Like way too much and in need of systematic reorganisation?
This is just the one small area lol which has cat climbing appeal as you can see - little pest!
That's a travel cot mattress he's sat on lol


  1. Looks like a trip to Ikea is in order Lyn. LOL
    When we moved, I was so glad to be able to put all my bits and pieces which had been scattered all around the house in all sorts of nooks & crannys into the one big wardrobe. I was stunned at what I did have too. When you only see a small portion at a time, you don't realise how much there is in total!

  2. Apparently as a Libran I crave order and beauty! I was avoiding going into the utility room where all my boxes and bags of fabric were piled up. I feel so much calmer since I got my lovely haberdashery cupboard. Have you tried local furniture sales? A sideboard would work well. Love the cat!