Tuesday, 25 November 2014

It's a hard life for cats, Tania Sneesby and an assortment of other things : )

You can see how hard the cats have it here ~

I foolishly went on our stitchy clubs coach trip last Saturday to the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching show. The ribs were still tender so sitting in the coach wasn't comfy and then walking round, body tense, trying to avoid being jostled, meant I didn't enjoy it as much as I would normally.

The only hexis really worth photographing were these super paper ones, made by Lynda Monk on the Art Van Go stand.

See how Lynda makes these fabulous shapes here

The Quilters Guild had set up tables for anyone who felt inclined, to make up hexis - I didn't lol since I have enough of my own on the go at home!

I thought these fabric, tactile dominoes were great - made by
Sunken Treasures of Sunk Island, here near Hull.

I bought a pattern and some taupe fine needlecord to make one up for Evie - somewhen before she outgrows the pattern sizing!

and some wool for crocheting

and a big ball of end of line, mill fabric, to use in rag rugging.

I insisted on going on the coach trip because I'd booked on to a hour long, mini workshop with Tania Sneesby and that I did enjoy.
This is the pack we all got, although every pack had different fabric selections in, which was rather nice, so every ones was that little bit different.

This is what Tania made up as the sample guide - and her little Red Riding Hood is strung from tree to tree, so you can move her along from right to left.

This is as far as I have got for now. As usual, I opted for making it a little different and I will stitch my little Red in place, rather than have her as a moveable feature I think.

There were 2 little girls on the workshop, with their Nan and here's what they did - I thought they did really well!

Oh BLOGGER!! It wont allow the correct picture to load in - argghh.

I guess that means its time for a G&T !


  1. i love seeing what people buy at these shows. i haven't been to one in a long while. love the things you came home with. hope your feeling a little better each day.

  2. Oh lordie, she's into the G&T again - don't go getting any ideas that you ought to be running any sort of competition with above-mentioned red riding hood and think that you can swing from tree to tree. Sounds like a fun show and worth the pain to go, if only to see those incredible paper hexxies!

  3. The paper hexie snowflakes are so pretty. I always admire people who do EPP but it is not for me. I spent last night making 2 fiddly folded flower blocks for my cutting mat bag class. NEVER again! I guess I'm not really a hand sewer. Sounds as if your ribs are starting to heal- should be much better by Christmas. I'll join you in the G and T!

  4. Tania has a lovely exhibition at Farfield Mill near Sedbergh at the moment. Worth a visit as there are two other textile exhibitions alongside it.

  5. Sweet little stitchery you made. And I think the RSPCA (or the equivalent in the UK) should be called about those poor neglected miserable pussy cats!! LOL
    Get better soon.

  6. How lovely to see. Glad you enjoyed the workshop, and hope your ribs get better soon!

  7. I hope you ribs are feeling better. That looks like an interesting show and I'll be interested to see the things you make with your buys :)