Thursday, 27 November 2014

A finish! No two!

Poor lighting in this picky but here's my finished Tania Sneesby workshop piece -

Now, what do I do with it lol

I also made this dolls cot cover up for Evie to play with.
I am exchanging some Christmas fabric scraps with Susan
 who told me that she's been making up 2.5" nine patches in Christmas fabrics. Having bundled a bag of scraps together for her, I thought I'd have a go at some nine patches myself and see what they looked like.
Cute enough for me to feel the need to do something with them,
so the cot quilt sprang to mind, though I had to buy the green background fabric and the red fleece for the back dam it lol
( Any excuse ~) 
Do go see her wonderful sock monkeys here.


  1. I find that a lot when I take a class--lots of fun, but what do I do with the project--pack it away or make it into something else. Your's is very cute!

  2. Very cute! Hang it in your sewing room!

  3. Really cute makes. The doll's quilt has reminded me that I have left something off my Xmas to do list. I have bought a rocking cradle for my youngest granddaughter and it needs bedding. Then there is the Tree quilt, the placemats, the cardis..................

  4. good morning-Oh I love that first piece allot-you should hang where you can enjoy it-just a darling piece that makes me smile

  5. I love your workshop piece. I think it would make great wall hanging :) And google isn't letting me see the second photo for some reason. I'll have to check back :)