Sunday, 14 December 2014

Clever Christmas Decoration idea and more stuff ~

Picked this up at a local charity shop, made by one of their volunteers.
Thought it was such a clever idea that you might like to see it.
The bow is wired centrally and the spike of wire is pushed down into the books spine.
The pages have been cut in a bell shape ~

Hilly cat has a new perch lol I moved my horses head up by the back door and it seems she likes it there. She was in full watery, winter sun but it had lowered in the sky by the time I got my camera.

Was in a charity shop yesterday and this has to take the biscuit surely!
Tattoos on a doll? - what are we doing to our daughters!!

I had been a bit down recently, probably just turning 65, the broken ribs and then Christmas looming, which has always been a lonely time for me. Silly I know.
Anyway my stitching mojo - had mooched off somewhere,
so I've been trying to get it back.
Made a new pin cushion and my first ever needle case.
How have I managed without a needle case!
The edges are straight its my photography angle that is skew whiff!

Did a bit more on the scrappy floral hexi top, but its not looking much bigger to me yet lol
At this rate I may make a lap quilt rather than a double bed cover!

It was our stitchy club meeting yesterday and this fantastic draught excluder was displayed, made by one of our members Brenda Sims.
Its clever in that its a triangular shape so will sit neatly against the door, I've never thought of making them like that.
Love the colourful felt she used and its 3" x 1" ish strips, simply rug prodded/hooked into hessian.

Another member Joan Drake gave the show n' talk at the meeting and she'd made some wonderful quilts.
There were some really fabulous nine patch quilts made after inspiration and techniques she'd found in the book '9 Patch Pizzaz'.
I had been looking at that book oddly enough at Harrogate
and even bought a sizzix dye so my patches
stood a chance at being cut correctly!
I've sent for the book now, since I really liked the method using
the nine patches, 12" and 6" blocks together,
so the blocks all sort of blur together.
Having seen Joan's versions, I feel brave enough to give it a go.
I enjoyed this talk the more because Joan wasn't just show casing quilts that she'd entered into this, that or the other quilt competition. We have had several well known speakers who have shown us stunning quilts, but its been like a CV list of their wins,
and whilst they certainly deserved to win, 
their talks were less interesting to me.
Joan Drake's quilts were just as good, but made to use or for wall hanging, rather than made as competitive art quilts.
These smaller ones really took my eye too ~

These cute little chicks were about 2" across and were EPP!

Joan likes the style of Angie Lewin's artwork and below is her interpretation of Angie's style. It was superb, I loved it.

for Angie Lewin see ~

One of our club members had sadly passed away during the summer and her stash must have been given to club, for us to sell off in aid of our club funds, which was very kind of her family, given their loss.
We always have a sales table which is very well stocked by our own donations of what we no longer want, but the addition of this lady's stash meant that last month, they took well over £300
on the sales table in the 3 hours of meeting! 
I had broken my ribs so hadn't gone but this month 
I picked up one or two bits to work on ( somewen!)
A quilt in the making

                                and couldn't resist this one either

  I mustn't start on these yet though, must crack on with my hexis!


  1. i laughed when you said your hexi quilt might turn out to be a lap quilt...i've run into that situation many times. during this time of year, when everyone is busying themselves with holiday and family, i fill my time with projects i haven't had time for during the year. hope you cheer up. your blogging friends are always around.

  2. The hexi top is going to be spectacular. The bell book idea is great but it might be too much cutting for my hands. I am suffering after too much frantic knitting. Nearly finished though. Have a wonderful Christmas- I hope your ribs are slowly recovering. If not, try the G & T's again.

  3. Tattoos on dolls - what next!! Better yet...why. Love the picture of head-percher Hilly - don't you sometimes wonder what cats are thinking?

  4. Your hexie top is spectacular! I ended up making a table runner--not enough commitment to even make a lap quilt!
    Those little pieces chicks are adorable--so sweet!

  5. Hilly looks very regal on that horse head! Cute girl. Your hexie quilt is coming along and just enjoy the stitching of it because it isn't a race. It will get done when it gets done and until then just enjoy the process of making. Hope your ribs are healing quickly.

  6. I can't get over your beautiful Henie quilt top-- it's maybe the prettiest think I've ever seen. I can't even imagine the time you have invested in this treasure!!

    Wishing for you the happiest of holidays-

  7. Lyn! Your hexi top looks HUGE to me, if that's any comfort. And they do say the road is better than the inn, right? Easy for me to say, I know....I loved reading this post and seeing all your photos, the horse's head is the coolest thing, and of course, all the better with you-know-who on it. The busier it gets out there in the world, the more I want to stay at home and go the computer in the basement and read blogs and look at instagram and pinterest and even FB once in a while. My women's circle decided that instead of giving each other Solstice gifts this year, we would each buy ourselves something so I bought a book and can't wait to start in on it. xoxoxo Maybe the lovely pincushion and needle book are your gifts to yourself?

  8. Your hexagon top looks beautiful--hang in--aren't these such long-term projects?? Mine is proceeding so S L O W L Y!! Ack!! But am starting to see the light as to how to expand this one...hugs, Julierose

  9. Amazing hexagons. Love the little chicks, real cute

  10. I felt a kinship with your comment about Christmas being a lonely time for you. I feel like that this year, I will be spending Christmas day on my usual group of "orphan" grannies/mums are all going somewhere. I fluctaute between feeling ok about it and then not. Perhaps we can say ' hello, Merry Christmas' across the oceans. I love your hexies, I want to make some, so I must start and have a go. Solstice blessings to you Lyn.