Monday, 29 December 2014

Not paying attention lol and the 2015 Milliefiori EPP QAL

So there was I happily stitching away with green hexis, along the former red hexi edge and half listening to my grandson, who was building me lego vehicles.
So this is where I was -
take note of the neat right hand edge where I first started

A couple of sessions of only half paying attention and - duhhh

That neat starting edge is now on the left and dam It ........... I've sat and pieced all the greens on there, instead of the 'working' end lol
Sitting curled up on a chair with the cover taffled up on my lap and slowly stitching away, obviously doesn't give you the right perspective on which bit your working on lol
All is not lost of course, I will straighten off the irregular green edge and then go in with greens and blues on the real 'working' end!

Now as if I haven't enough stitchy projects juggling above my head, I am going to try and do the (free) Milliefiori EPP QAL that's been organised by Katja Marek.
To take part, ideally you should have her book which is rather nice for us hexicolics anyway, even if you don't follow along with her 2015 QAL.
It has 52 different block patterns, made with an assortment of triangles, diamonds etc.
It is available in kindle and paperback format.

Katja has arranged for to supply pre cut papers for each of the monthly 'rosettes' that will form the kaleidoscopic patterning for this piece of stitching.
However, it could be likely that we will be able to work out what needs to be cut and done when she sends out the info emails each month.
Some of the blocks from her book will be used in the making of some of the Rosettes.

Below is Rosette 1, for January, which is made up of 36 mini hexi blocks and seems to be the most onerous Rosette to make.
I have bought the pack of pre cuts for this but this picture is from the PaperPieces website itself, advertising their pre cut pack.
Although whether I can afford to send for further packs, or try and cut my own shapes for the other Rosettes, remains to be seen.
Remarkably, PaperPieces posted the pack to me on Dec 19th and it arrived on the 26th Dec!!
All credit to them for their speed in dispatching and thanks too, to whichever airline carried it airmail!

Rosette #1 for The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along

I was looking in my 'Liesels Funfecke' book by Hilde Klatt and Liesel Niesner and was struck by how similar their patchwork Mandalas are to these kaleidoscopic rosettes.

These fractal like piecing techniques have been popular for some time but its always nice to see the different permutations that people come up with.

See  for instance 
Paper Pieces themselves have several books other than Katja's that offer instructions and patterns in this richly, fussy cut style.

Okay, back to my green hexi infills : )


  1. I thought you were mad... and now I know it! The QAL looks so complicated but beautiful. Good luck- you're a better woman than I am!

  2. Oh dear. You would need the patience of a saint to do a hexie quilt like that! Are you piecing it or doing EPP?
    I love the look of that Mandala but I would never have the patience to do that, even though I don't mind hand piecing at all.

  3. Hi! Katja here. Yes, that Rosette up above, that's me! Someone sent me a link to your blog today. Thanks You for the lovely mention.
    I am thinking after investigation further, that I need a copy of 'Liesel's Funfecke'. Looks like more EPP fun.
    Glad to have found you, Katja

  4. OMG--that is exactly the sort of thing that would happen to me--and probably has, though I've blocked it from my memory. I'm subscribed to the QAL, but I'm not sure if I will have time to actually do it--looks pretty labor intensive (but beautiful!)

  5. I'm doing Katja's quilt along too. It will be a lot of fun seeing the rosettes pop up on different blogs ; )

  6. Loving the "Lego Left". Claim it as intentional. I won't tell.

  7. I think it was meant to be! That's what I tell myself anyway when a project goes off on its merry way like yours did. :) The paper piecing looks fabulous, can't wait to see what other magic you conjure up with this QAL -- Happy New Year, Lyn! xoxo

  8. Judging from its online popularity this must be a very addictive craft form, and for that reason ALONE it is best I admire from a distance! And I do :)

  9. Whoops...oh well it still looks fabulous. That rosette looks very complicated to me. Good luck!

  10. I'm planning to make Katja's rosettes too, so it will be fun to see yours as they come to life :) I was shocked at the number of pieces in the first package from Paper Pieces!!! Our little fingers are going to be very busy :)

  11. Oh smashing! the more of us the merrier and the more chance to learn from each other too. I'm convinced the hardest part is going to be selecting which fabrics to use, to get the best fussy cut results!

  12. I can't wait to get started on this QAL! I couldn't sleep last night for thinking about fabric choices!

  13. OMG-- I think it's gorgeous! I can't even imagine all the work you've put into this treasure. It's going to be amazing!!

    Happy New Year to you-- I hope the new year is bright and full of blessings abundant.