Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hexi Christmas garland

Well it is broken rib/s, although they don't xray as a general rule now, because they no longer 'treat' broken ribs, so I'm off work for a week or so.
Hopefully once I can move about easier and the pain reduces when doing so, I can go back!
Sneezing, coughing and blowing your nose is not advised with broken rubs let me just tell you, it's very painful lol
They have given me Tramadol but so far I haven't dared use it, since others I know had such bizarre and scary effects when they did!

Anyway the most I've felt able to do some little Christmassy 1" hexis, to join together in a garland - not my idea I hasten to add,

the original tutorial is here   click on the tutorial link at top of the page : )

Bloggers playing up and wont let me upload pics but see my next post!


  1. The first time I cracked two ribs I also discovered that liquor truly does have medicinal qualities. No joke. I honestly never thought of it that way before, but I used it for pain control...I could feel it kick in and dull the pain, and soon learned how long it would be before it wore off. Never felt tipsy. I mentioned this to my doctor (who knew I hated taking any kind of prescription pain relief) and she agreed with my anazing "discovery"!

  2. Ouch! take it easy. Your hexie project is a good one for sitting still time....I've just been browsing Pinterest for hexie ideas, I haven't done them yet, but saw a friend's projects and it sparked my interest. get well soon.

  3. Ouch is right! I've heard from a friend that wine works a treat. Maybe give that a go and then cuddle with a cat. It's a sure fire recipe for a speedy recovery!

  4. Oh dear-- I hope you have a quick recovery! Thanks for the heads up on the garland--it's adorable! Take good care of yourself.

  5. I had a major op when I was in my thirties and they had to crack a number of ribs. I thought I had been sat on by an elephant the pain was so bad. Try the Tramadol at night. There was nothing worse than turning in my sleep and waking up due to the pain. I hope it feels better soon. For some reason the photo did not load so I did not get to see your hexies.

  6. By the way, I used White Russians! It was the middle of a hot summer, and I really didn't feel like drinking hard liquor a couple of times daily. White Russians were refreshing and pleasant tasting. Good luck!

  7. Ribs? As in plural? How many plurals?? You really DO need a keeper!!! Take care of you and mend, mend, mend.