Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Yarn bombing, crochet blocking and rent free boarders!

The pics aren't very inspiring, but we were yarn bombing a bridge last sunday morning - in a blummin' strong wind!
After 2 hours I had had enough, so didn't stay for the shanty music and the council bods who were coming along later to re-launch a 'fish trail' that you can follow round Hull town.
This is Sammy Salmon below, number 1 on the fish trail list I believe, sitting beside Scale Lane Bridge, which crosses the River Hull : )

The tidal barrier off to the left below, prevents flooding further along the river during spring and winter high tides. Beyond it lays the River Humber which is tidal and thus the reason we need that added flood protection.

I haven't been back but I bet the few crabs we left here and there were liberated lol

This is the other side of Scale Bridge on old town's side. Looking east towards an uninspiring hotel!

I stumbled on this natty blocking idea for those who crochet, or knit,
squares, it's worth a look, it would never have occurred to me to do this!

Living alone and being solely responsible for all the bills,
I've recently begun to wonder about those others who
share my home and don't pay any rent ~
they do okay I reckon, despite it being such a hard life lol

Just look at her right paw tucked up at her chest - this is as close as she's comfortable being, on the chair arm next to me.



  1. Ah, but they DO pay rent - they just pay it in love.

  2. Your boarders aren't freeloaders you know. They give you undying, unconditional love and affection which is given in exchange for a bit of food. Priceless!

  3. What a bunch of freeloaders! Good thing they are so bloody cute! My Mom always says that in her next life she is coming back as a cat; if she has a life like Hilly or Harvey that would be a very good thing!