Friday, 17 October 2014

I avoided being 'cast' and its pretty certain I havn't broken the scaphoid bone now. The most delicious Dr on Monday told me he wasn't convinced it was broken, that he suspected I'd damaged already arthritic areas of the bone, so he gave me a sturdy thumbed splint to wear for 2 weeks. The pain is far less now and hopefully I wont have to wear this gadget much longer.

Just as well because today I was helping stitch knitted herrings to knitted nets, ready for another yarn bombing event taking place next sunday. This splint is crap at immobilising the thumb and fingers lol
the girls were very shy so I didn't get many pics.

We met at Wilberforce House, a delightful old building where William Wilberforce once lived. It's now an interesting museum highlighting the historical atrocities involved in transporting men, women and children as slaves.
It has the most wonderful Mulberry trees, one in the front garden and one in the back.


This bench took my eye in the front garden, love the shape and for some strange reason it reminds me of chain links. It may well be meant to be exactly that, given that slaves were chained together on the sailing ships. Not sure, maybe its just my overactive imagination lol

This below is set into the pavement outside Wilberforce  House, I hadn't noticed it before but if you look closely, its quite interesting.
There are 2 side view faces and the trade winds perhaps, with 3 sailing ships in the centre.

And this is one of the frogs that were decorated by different artists to celebrate Phillip Larkin and displayed around the city. 
Back in 2010, they were very popular and one was mounted  and lives outside the Street Life Museum in Hull. He's been mosaic'ed all over and is rather elegant.

I must go pack a case since tomorrow my daughter and I are going to London on a 2 day coach trip, as a treat for her 30th b'day.
We are going to see 'Wicked' at the theatre Saturday evening and am looking forward to it must admit. We both enjoy musical theatre so it's a treat for me too lol


  1. So relieved that you don't have to be casted!! Hmmm - wonder which was better?...not having to wear a cast OR the delicious doctor? Enjoy your wee holiday.

  2. Glad your hand is doing better. That is one big frog!....WOW

  3. Glad you're on the mend, Lyn and hope you have a great time with your daughter! I loved your History Wardrobe post, how fun! Love the peach Mary Quant daughters would wear it today. xoxo

  4. Good job you did not have to kiss the frog because it says he is actually a toad!!

  5. Everyone seems to be going to Wicked. We have tickets for the 10th Dec. and my daughter & her hubby went a week ago. She has brought me her program to have for the show. Bonus. Would be interested to hear what you think of it, although the cast will be different in the UK.