Sunday, 21 September 2014

World Blog Hop - Who me?

I remember reading a blog I follow, where the blogger had been nominated by another blogger, for the World Blog Hop and at the
time I thought, what a lovely thing to do for others.
Sort of like the - 'paying it forward' - idea, by recommending another's blog that you have found to be fun, interesting, quirky or whatever.

It never once occurred to me that I might be one day nominated to take part too!
So my sincere thanks go to Karen of the Fairies and Fibres blog for asking me to take part. I have picked up so many useful and interesting facts from Karen and I'd love to think that if we met up, we'd have a lot in common and have a lovely chat over a cup ( or glass) of something.

Karen's is such an incredible blog, I'm humbled she thought to nominate me.
Karen has a magic eye for stunning fussy cut, hexi detail and her machine quilting designs - some on 3/4" hexis ! - are utterly wonderful,
so please go across and browse around her blog and do look at her remarkably helpful tutorials.
Then lust unashamedly over hers and her Mums quilts!!


What am I working on at the moment?

Ah well, whatever takes my fancy at any given time if the truth be told.
I maintain that it's my 'Creative Gene' that runs the show and she has the flitty, butterfly effect on my finishing things!
No really, she's to blame when things get put to one side and I get side tracked : )

I'm in the process of repainting and distressing odd dining chairs to compliment - a new table I've treated myself to.

the latest is this below and it's lilac not blue as the picture suggests lol
I've recently completed a commission for someone who sought me out to make some of my 'Dream Trees' for them and I was so thrilled, since it was my first real commission!
I only use recycled materials and the wire hoops are also recycled items, from old lampshades.
She asked for 3 trees, small, medium and large, the medium and small are below ~ although here they look the same size!
I'm crap at photography lol

However, I've been trying to contact this lady since late July and she
hasn't gotten back to me!
So I have 3 different autumnal coloured trees for her and had framed up a piece of her Mums embroidery too, in a vintage tea tray and am not altogether sure what to do with them now!
I've asked around those who know her and yes, she is still alive!
And I have also emailed her the option of not having the trees, letting her know I wouldn't take offence, but still no word from her -
it all seems a bit odd!
hey ho ~

I am also working on 3 hexi quilt tops, having never made and finished anything other than a 4' square wall hanging in patchwork before.
Daft or brave? hmm yes, probably daft -

Initially it was Michele's strikingly colourful hexi quilt that spurred me to stitch hexis .

So I began my version, in wavy lines of colour rather then straight lines like hers, but I had to pack it away when moving last year, misplaced it and only found it again recently!
Hexi scrappy cover No. 1 WIP

Next I stumbled on the Hexi Block a Month blog, so launched in on the BOM to keep my fingers stitching hexis whilst looking for my scrappy cover above.

Hexi BOM cover No. 2 WIP

Then because of Karen's Amazing fussy cut soupcon pattern ideas,
I started making fussy cut alternative hexi flowers in batiks and yes,
Hexi batik cover No. 3 was born ~

So I pick up one or other as the whim takes me, in the hope that sooner or later, at least one will get completed : )

What makes me different to other bloggers?

Not a lot! 

Making things has always been a therapy and stress release for me.
I'm largely self taught but have done quite a few courses over the years to learn techniques and my fabric obsession started when I worked part time in a craft store.
My blog started as an opportunity to document what I made in the hope that my daughter might one day read through it and see,
maybe more clearly, who I was as a person, other than her Mum.
( Though as a working Mum I doubt she'll ever have time and my son only reads texts lol and doesn't always reply to those! )
I never really expected anyone in blog land to be interested enough to follow my blog and I am ridiculously grateful that some people do!

Why do I do what I do?

Workwise, I devise and make tactile resources for visually impaired children, making everything from 3D geographical models to adapted, tactile, large print and Brailled books.

I'm employed by the council but do make things for individuals too.

As a child, even before I could read, I poured over the 'Things to make and do' pages in the Arthur Mees Children's Encyclopaedia.
 ( the trials of being an only child!)
I've also always reused materials, I was eco conscious from the word go. I think that comes from a favourite auntie who grew up in war time, where you threw nothing away, you reused everything.
She rewound string off parcels and stored it in a cupboard, kept brown paper and buttons - OH I LOVED her too bless her...
Then as a teenager in the swinging sixties, trying desperately to be a ( weekend) hippy, I unravelled hand knit jumpers and turned them into -  10' scarves or crochet versions of my Dream Trees above.
I think I was born a Creative and so have to do, what I do.
Although I do tell people that my crafting keeps me off street corners, for which mankind should be very grateful!

How does my creative process work?

At work I'm organised and productive but at home I'm undisciplined which is not necessarily a good thing!
I get an idea, think it through in my head, work out how to go about it, sometimes read up for advise, but then go do it my way anyway.
I rarely ever stick to or use a pattern - or recipe!
This can produce very happy and successful results but sometimes, well yes, the odd failure or two :)

Perfection was something I was told to aim for back in the Grammar School sewing class and all that did was repeatedly prove to me that,
I was apparently no good at knitting a cravat, my smocking was skew whiff and my finger nails were dirty!
Our Miss Smith was a Victorian throw back and we all feared her!
She quite put me off sewing anything for some years.

However, the one good thing about reaching older age,
is that you learn that perfection is an ideal and not necessarily
that practical for every day living.
Sometimes imperfections are part of the every day and real story.
Well they are in my crafting anyway lol

I knit a bit, crochet a little, and I love to hand stitch things.


And now for something completely different!
I would urge you, having read this far - as a relief and reward - 
to now nip across and see these three other blogs that I really
enjoy visiting.

Peggy at 
who has a wonderful monthly habit of celebrating the moon in a positive and creative way and who is wholly responsible for my eating my chickweed rather than composting it!

 Mary Anne at
who makes delightful crazy patchwork and has a cracking pattern for a Husif - not that I knew what one was before and I bet I've spelt it wrong even now lol

and also take a look at Julia's post at

and read about her newly forthcoming online hexi magazine -
because yes, I confess, I'm a hexicholic !



  1. Great post! Can't wait to go & visit the blogs you linked, but have to say that if anyone wants to come & visit me, they won't be able to 'cause the addy is a tad wrong. Try

  2. P.S. - link to Julia doesn't take me to her ??

  3. Your chairs look great, and I love your hexi projects. The rainbow one is my favorite.

  4. It was so nice to learn a little more about you! Heading over to check out the blogs you suggested. Have a wonderful week!

  5. What a wonderful post, Lyn! And thank you, the feeling is mutual. xoxo

  6. it's nice to meet you and see all the lovely things you make. I love that you started a second hexie project because you misplaced the first! That's the kind of thing I'd do!

  7. Hi Lyn - I always enjoy reading your posts because you put a smile on my face! I'm glad that just like me you have multiple projects on the go at once! As far as perfection goes, it is an illusion and I agree that the imperfections are what make a quilt (or anything else for that matter) special!

  8. Great post! Loved reading about your creative process. (and I'm smiling, like Karen) You make me want to go find my hexie project......