Sunday, 8 June 2014

Yarn Bombing Kingston upon Hull : )

Despite Saturdays rain when the stalwart few tried to yarn bomb the city, much was achieved today : )
An assortment of photos ~

Jean stitching bits in place -

the cannons and seat backs outside the Maritime Museum were adorned

Sue McBride who has coordinated the whole knitted painting and yarn bombing event, here adding some final touches.

thrilled my star fish were used on the canons : )
but don't you just love the mix of yarny creatures!

Maureen finishing off some stitching -
that particular knitted seat back was cut away and taken over night!




It will be interesting to see how long before anything gets knicked lol
Post script!
These fish didn't last long, they too were cut away and taken by some selfish prat ~
Although, I reckon the best compliment might be, if come winter, we see any of the knitting wrapped round the necks of the homeless here abouts!


  1. What great fun! I love your starfish and the sea anemones, sponges, urchins and fish are all great as well!

  2. Such fun to see all the yarn bombing projects. Too bad people just can't seem to manage to leave things alone for others to admire and feel that everything is put there just for them to steal. At least we can live in hope that the homeless people benefit from it, but somehow I doubt it.



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