Sunday, 22 June 2014

Thank goodness I didnt have camera with me!

Driving along Hessle Road earlier today I saw a tall slim lass in denim shorts, with a guy and a small child who was riding a bike.
The couple looked pretty rough it has to be said!
She had a large tattoo on her right thigh and as I sat at the traffic lights and glanced across, I realised what she had
from her groin to about 6" above her knee -
it was a very large and long,  tattoo of a bulging scrotum and a lengthy male appendage, in graphic detail ~
Now I freely admit I am not too enamoured of tattoos that show above and beyond straps and on female bare shoulders, but I accept that it's a personal choice and many consider them to be exquisite artwork, so good luck to them.
My daughter has tats too, though subtle ones lol despite my dislike lol
And I have to admit to liking some tats on some guys - like the River Boys from Home & Away ~ sighs with feeling ~ although I expect many of them are simply character make up temporary ones lol

But even so I have to ask WHY
would any lass want a HUGE penis and scrotum
on a lovely sleek thigh?????

Perhaps she's  a hooker and that's, like an advertising ploy?
Or is it the length and width measure, of what she's looking for in life?
Mind you I'd have thought it would have been really intimidating for a male travelling by that thigh - as it were lol
and she'd best keep looking in summer, because we know what happens to them there things, in the real cold weather lol
I guess every one has a dream right, but to wear it on a thigh like that? yukkkkkkkkkkyy

A little earlier I caught sight of a 30 something lass waiting at some other traffic lights and she was using a childs scooter to get about on - now that I thought was innovative lol

its a joy to open my back door at the moment, my small rear patio is a real sun trap and the plants Ive collected together, make looking out of the kitchen window a joy.
I have even gathered in mange tout, sugar snap peas and courgettes and 2 single strawberries lol so not bad given the 5' high weeds that inhabited the garden when I first moved in lol

I finally cut into the wonderful vintage Sanderson fabric that someone gave me and have made a new insert for my shoulder bag.  I washed the 6.5 yds and the musty smell wafted away thankfully.
I love this old foxglove flowered fabric but it would be way too dark for curtains in my rooms, but it works great as a substantial lining.
I have made a flap over from the fabric ,with a button fastening since taking this picky.
So my charity shop bargain bag with the naff lining has been renewed lol with a bit of vintage charm : )


  1. I'll never see a tat again without thinking of this post..........LOLLLLLL

  2. Yeeeewww - the mental image is beyond gross! I wonder sometimes what these people will think of what they've done when they get to be 'mature' (if they ever do). I don't have anything against tats but I don't think they should be out blowin' in the wind so to speak. (yes, pun was intended). Your garden is lovely btw.

  3. I suppose it takes all sorts but I'm no fan of tattoos. I remember going to shop with my daughter for her wedding dress and when she came out of the changing room for the dress to be fastened I noticed a small tattoo at the base of her spine. She was all embarrassed that I'd noticed it and I was all upset inside but could not show it.



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