Monday, 16 June 2014

Legs, hearing aid decorations : )

Saw this at car boot Sunday morning and it made most folks walking by, chuckle lol
I should have asked how much they were really!
On the way home it occurred to me they'd have made really unusual  vertical fence supports for some ones garden lol
real conversation pieces!

Made these hearing aid decorations last week for a Spiderman fan who needs encouragement to wear his hearing aids ~ you'll notice that the backside of the cooked shrink plastic looks nicer, smoother and almost 3D, as compared to the
 front side - on the right - which tends to be a little rougher.
Duhhh I stuck the beads on the wrong blummin sides!!
Anyway the child was chuffed with them even so.

You know how maddening it is when the most favourite jeans you have, that you've had for years mind you, starts to wear thin in places that are too hard to piece easily? like tween the thighs!
I'm not giving up on mine yet and had already back filled the distressed designer holes -


but had to think again for the somewhat larger thinned out parts!
Well I can live with them like this and it saves my modesty at least
and won't shock any passing vicar lol
Oh and this picky was passed through to me by Jean who attended the Artlink exhibition opening and you can see the natty way they displayed the wired fishes us folks made.
I really like this method of displaying them and they
are good fun to make too.
Thought Jean may have posted more pics of that event
but shes been unwell so bookmark her blog and
catch up on more pics later.
She may also post a pic of the coat she made with human hair,
 which was in another exhibition on the same night as Artlinks  : )


  1. Spiderman hearing aid covers - how cool is that! I still think you could have a business making and selling these. There must be lots of kids that would love to have them.

  2. Creativity abounds here! xo

  3. bet the jeans are comfy....and passing vicars shouldn't be looking



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