Thursday, 12 June 2014

Follow the Herring knitting exhibition Part 1

'Follow the Herring' exhibition currently in Holy Trinity Church in Hull

the sail is fantastic!

Large sized knitting needles with torn fabric yarns make wonderful sea and amazing surf which was lit just right to give the effect of the foam surge at the front ( bow?) of the boat!
Clever huh!


my largest star fish was used above  left : )

all the knitting has been done by many volunteers so that this exhibition, and another one taking place at Artlink could go ahead.

Jean knitted the net 'weights' - nice balls Jean! lol
and some of those fabric herring we made trapped in the net ~

Bloggers playing up, it wont post the pics the right way round now!
More pics tomorrow, hopefully the right way round : )


  1. I agree this was amazing-loved everything

  2. My jaw is bruised from dropping open and hitting the floor! This is absolutely beyond amazing. The boat alone must have taken thousands of hours to create. Yes, amazing, amazing.....

  3. I love the small details like the starfish. It all looks amazing. I wish I lived nearer so I could visit but thank you for the photos