Friday, 20 June 2014

Winslow Homers knitted painting and some hexis : )

 You'd almost forgotten about this painting that we were helping to recreate as part of the 'Follow The Herrings' didn't you!
Well here it is in the foyer of Hull Truck Theatre, an accompaniment to the Hull  stage of the 'Just Tie Up Your Fingers' theatre production.
Finished and looking smashing, all blocked and stretched on a frame,
it wasn't a disappointment!

 It was Sue McBride who came up with the idea to recreate this painting in knitting and a variety of local folks have knitted bits for it. Sue and some of her knitting group friends,  (The Materialistics ), finally blocked the pieces and stitched the whole thing together.

Holy Trinity Church, where the wonderful coble boat is and all the fabulous knitting shown in my previous 2 posts, have asked to have this knitted painting later, so I'm chuffed to think it will be on permanent display there.

The play which I went to see this evening and enjoyed, centres around 3 women's lives back in 1881 and this particular Homer painting also features 3 fisher women, which is why Sue selected it!
I really liked the way the sky was interpreted, as if the dreadful storm of 1881 was there in the distance, creeping towards land.

I was relieved to see that the womens' faces which I'd stitched did look to scale in the end lol But I still think I made the woman on the right look pretty scary! lol

Not that the colours are true, so will take another pic in daylight, but these are my latest hexi florets - as opposed to flowers!

Oh and I noticed at school today that the caretakers had rigged up another outdoor play toy for the nursery kids and I thought it was such a clever idea.

They have made use of odd and ends of piping and rainwater whatever they are called - and by the looks of it, the kids can roll ping pong balls from top to bottom. I thought it would be good fun for littlies at play.


  1. that knitted recreation turned out great. always love seeing the hexies and yes, that play area will be a hit with the little ones, i'm sure.

  2. The knitted painting is magnificent! How big did it end up being? Congratulations on your part, Lyn, the faces look great to me .... xo

  3. I'd love to see that piece in person! Looks amazing :)

  4. Pretty spectacular 'painting' I must say. Amazing that it was created with yarns. The school caretakers are pretty talented too - that's a wonderful creation for the kids. Colorful and interactive - definitely a win/win.