Thursday, 26 June 2014

June hexi BOM and some

I meant to mention that at the Quilt Museum I noticed one or two quilts had been worn away in (mostly silk fabric) areas and they had been 'conserved'.
Many of you may know this already but it struck me as such a clever way to preserve the integrity of a genuine vintage quilt and prevent further damage to the thin or frayed areas.

A small holed tulle had been hand stitched over damaged areas and it was virtually invisible on patterned fabric. I saw both black and white tulle used on different quilts and it was almost invisible!
They had even cut the tulle in zig zaggy, so that it was laid over a vertical strip of hexis, following the edges of the hexi strip perfectly!

We have a leggy teenage visitor in the adjacent field at work, sadly with a limp bless him/her.

 So many consider them vermin but I find them fascinating.


  1. I soooo love your flower in blue! Great job..... What is the animal?

  2. Thanks Billie and he's a fox! A bit clearer if you click on him.
    The green fabric was a Peruna Marks & Spencer skirt I picked up at a car boot.
    2 sizes too small for me but it was the fabric I wanted anyway lol

  3. There's a family of foxes living across the river - they are totally unafraid of people and the little ones are out playing quite often. Beautiful animals.



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