Friday, 13 June 2014

Follow the Herring exhibition Part 2

More exhibition pictures ~ Holy Trinity Church is a lovely church to visit and they even have a peaceful area to sit and have a cupper too. A calming alternative to the chains of coffee houses : )


even knitted stones lol
I thought these were very touching, they are a commemoration of local fishermen lost at sea, with the mens names and the boats names that were lost too.

2 larger blackboards stood alongside,  names similarly recorded


The fishing industry is such a hazardous way to earn a living and I suspect the days of small boats with huge hauls are long past now. 
It was a major local industry to the coastal ports, with centuries of traditions, sea skills, coastal cultures and characters now fading like mists, out of the memories into history.
With enormous factory fishing vessels for commercial companies having all but fished some places so persistently that fish stocks have declined drastically, the local fishermen eek out a living, in a way of life that no longer pays its way.
Supermarkets drive down the costs and fishermen and farmers alike are caught between a rock and hard place.


  1. Still amazing! I am curious to know what will become of all the marvelous knitting once the exhibition is over. Will it become a traveling exhibit?

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures! All the knitted creatures and natural elements are amazing! I wish I could have seen it all for myself!