Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Challenge Art Doll

I am taking part in a challenge to make an Art Doll, well a what ever takes your fancy actually, since it doesn't have to be an Art Doll. I'm making a doll, because I am! This has been organised within the Artist Matrix Yahoo group that I am a member of. The idea is to illustrate the following words . . in whichever way the Muse takes you . .
which should bring forth some
interesting ideas!
" There's a hole in the world tonight tonight, there's a cloud of fear and sorrow;
There's a hole in the world tonight, don't let there be a hole in the world

The pics above show the figure in embryonic form! The initial armature (on the right) being made with strong stems from discarded fabric flowers that were donated to our next jumble sale! The stems were already covered in a plastic finish, ideal to prevent any internal rusting. The flowers and leaves were stripped off, then I manipulated the several stems, into a shape that I liked and that would also stand alone.
The armature needed an overall cover, so I opted for some stretchy, hospital hose! (obtained from our local 'Scrapstore' and all unused!) The picture on the left shows the figure next, with a layering of Modroc, to give her strength and stability, for when the North Wind doth blow.
She was quite likely to keel over before!
She's patiently drying at the moment, whilst I gather in tangles of vine growth from 'Old Man's Beard', found in the hedgerows nearby. Not sure what the real name of it is, but it's part of the Clematis family and commonly known as ' Mile-a-Minute-Vine', because its growth is rampant!
I want to dry some of the vine and then incorporate it into the figures clothing later. Though I have an idea how I am going to form this figure, don't hold me to it! She's morphed already from the original picture in my mind, and then each time I look at her, 'Creative Gene' suggests another little twist! So she's evolving, rather like our world.

The builders have overrun my home this week and I'm forced to stay in and monitor things, but the good news is that, I've caught up on some braille for work, so feel less guilty at having to take time off.

The red bag I was knitting is completed, but I want it to have one final wash, now it has handles and inner pocket in place, before I picture it as a finished article. I have wrapped the handles in the same yarn and made a huge pink flower to go on the front, so if it survives another wash, I will record it on here.

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