Wednesday, 5 March 2008

All the same family?

Okay I have had this thought . . .

recently on the Time Team tv programme, they tested the DNA of one of the team and found that he was descended from true blood Anglo Saxon stock.

He was thrilled bless him.

It made me wonder about this proven DNA identified link, that shows how we are all, descended from one of only about 6 specific women.........worldwide!

( all that 'begatting' I imagine, seems they were doing it way before biblical times)..........

Well maybe, we intuitive, compulsive and gifted 'Crafters' are all related!

What do you think?

We might be family! ( cue for song if I'm not mistaken)

We could almost be a unique family, the missing DNA link perhaps?

( It's not even been mentioned on CSI for goodness sake!)

It would explain why, on either side of the world, there are acts of intuitive telepathy, and Crafters, making similar things as each other, wouldn't it?

It explains the feeling of dejavu, when reading someone else's comments, in a book, online or in person.....and you recognise what you had been toying with, or had thought of too.

It's darn near proof positive of that innate, spiritual, contact we seem to have at times with strangers, folk you 'know' intuitively, are in tune with, as if you had known them for years.

You can see in their work, even online, that you have the same thought patterns, sense of humour and see things in such similar ways as they do.

It would explain the creativity we recognise in each other, the complete understanding of why anyone would want to stay up till dawn to finish a piece of work...........or conversely, why someone knows that something isn't right, yet they may not know what's wrong.

(Of course it doesn't explain why I had a similar connection once, in Gander Newfoundland, with a RC AF Pilot of Helicopters ....but then I was a lot younger then. My spiritual powers were probably still under training and yes, I had been drinking.)

So, that's my gem of wisdom for this week, my thoughts on the meaning of the Creative it were...........and as an only child, even at 58, I'm chuffed to bits to have a extended family!

Please, don't all come for a cupper at once though, okay?

Now, since a post isn't particularly colourful without a picture, I will put one in and theoretically it should follow this sentence...............
Well, I suppose there's a knack to this photo placement and I've yet to, learn it!
The bag is my rendition of the English Garden Bag, so my sincere apologies to the incredibly talented pattern designer! I start a pattern off fine, then somehow, my Muse takes I invariably blame her! Of course it helps if you use the yarn and needle size suggested, maybe even the same amount of stitches in the pattern.......but I had a pair of handles dam near the same so........I was on a roll!
Keep well people, wishing you love, luck and laughter.


  1. I reckon you and I must be of the same family!
    Definitely coming over sometime...

  2. ....sorry! minibear is me, Anji in Stockport!

  3. Hi Liniecat... just today read the entire "All the same Family" post... omg, this is an awesome post. I'm thinking that you're right... one of those 6 women was an artist! The 6women were probably muses (one art, music, food, etc) Am enjoying your thoughts! Mary Ann



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