Monday, 10 March 2008

New medical condition, 'Builders Rage'

You know, I have had my day to day life completely undermined this
past 7/8 months.

The excessive rains of last summer here in the UK, caused such havoc to areas that hadn't flooded before, and yes sadly, to areas that are at constant risk of flooding.

You can only marvel at how people go through this truama, more than once!

From Tewkesbury, Malton and York, those places you hear about, year after year, suffering loss and upheaval, they have my utmost respect!
And what about the Third World, where they have so little to lose in the first place!

I am angry with myself, that I am SO upskettled by my situation,
when so many farther afield have lost so much more, and won't have the benefit of an Insurance Company to assist them.
I didn't have water pulsing through my home downstairs, it was built up out back and permeated air bricks, it rose up beneath the floor boards, it didn't get as far as lifting them, but even so it will have thoroughly sodden the old houses' foundations.

The chaos has been caused by the frustrations of the renovations, since the rains.
The way in which it was all mishandled.

The house being left unlocked 7 times so far after workmen leave..............wonder what that would mean insurance wise, had I been burgled?
I doubt I would have been covered, right?
So do the building firm fork out?
Anyway, I am guilty of 'Builders Rage' at the moment, as in Road Rage lol
It isn't a nice thing to recognise in yourself, that you could cheerfully slap these brainless individual blokes with a wet fish or take a broom handle to assist them leave!
I sit here awaiting the Site Manager to vent my Rage at, yet he has been nothing short of kindly and accomodating, it's his blessed workmen who seem
consistanly brainless.
There's room today for an all woman building force!
We can't get much worse!

So thank goodness I am fixated on making things, creating.
The 'Creatives Gene' has come to the rescue!
Mind you, why I needed to make over 100 a lapel pins ( have started on my 2nd pack 100 pins backs already . . .) or fashion tea cosies, in an age when few of us use the teapot anymore, is anybodies guess!

Maybe it's an unconscious indication that we will all move back to loose tea leaves? I might start a new trend?
Or that hand crafted, designer tea cosies, will be the new 'Must Have' kitchen shelf ornament?
True most of my cosies can double as an Artly Beanie Hat, so maybe its a sign that crazy hats are coming back in?

I mentioned previously that we should maybe all wear lapel pins, like medals on our chests, (some chests more ample than others you understand) so that we might sell more of our pins?
Bring on the shoulder pads again I say, so even small breasted women folk might wear multiple lapel pins!

I have only a bed to sit/lay on, and a pc chair, here upstairs to relax on,(...hasn't done my back much good I can tell you lol) so whatever creative challenge I tackle must be something that can be spread around me on the bed. Maybe that's why I chose the obsession of lapel pins, small things that I can attack (lol) whilst the tv, radio or cd is performing away in the background.

Okay, now, taking control of 'Creative Gene' ( bless her!), I sat and wound up 8 skeins of bulky wools last night
( used the natty method of skeins round toes, back straight and wind, wind, wind!) so my next therapeutic voyage, is to make some more bags/purses. I get more satisfaction making up those, from scratch, no pattern to follow, just do what I feel is right for the wool at the time anyway.
I'd started the 2nd side of a bag by 1am!
I think the wool is 100% Lopi?
The mohair is 60% wool so it will be interesting to see how it felts up.
And eagle eyes amongst you, might notice the unusual pair of needles?
I have another pair just like it somewhere . . .

You see! I feel more positive already!

Despite now waiting 2 hours for the damned Site Manager!

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