Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers Day

What a lovely day this has been......hope yours was as ggod.
Bright sunny weather, with a fresh and furious wind to be fair but not cold.
I had a sleep in,then LD ( Lovely Daughter Tylah) arrived home from a night out and needed to be taken to work lol
Called for her pal who was sound asleep in bed still!
These nights out with alcohol on pay day, are all very well, if they can get up the next morning, for work! Anyways, a huge hand tied bunch of thread carnations, lilies and orchids with a stunning card............sucha fabulously thoughtful wording in it too...........and a cd!
EB (Evolving Bloke, my son) text me at 3pm to say Happy Mothers Day mind you lol
He did offer me a meal out, but I talked him round to caulking the bath for me and fitting a ceiling light!
Will be just as pleased with that done in truth.

I dared the breeze and hit the car boot, and found very little this week but, having said that I did find some wooden door wedges for 20p each. They look like little figures so will take before and after pics, when I get round to altering them.
I may well use one as a door wedge, novel eh?

The pic above is a lapel or beanie hat pin, will post afew more of what Ive been playing at making, when I have collecetd said LD, from work............
Her name by the way is my own creation.........Tyler the lads name,
which I had quite liked but wouldnt have chosen... in the unlikely event, I thought then, of having a girl...wouldnt it be nice and feminised by adding ah, instead of er... so Tylah it is. Fortuneatly she likes her name and both her Dad and I loved it.
We had both agreed on our son, the EB, being called Mitchell and he likes his name too ....phew!
Well it's alot to saddle a child into adult with isn't it, if they hate it!

The pin above is recogniseably retro fabrics I think you'll agree!
I have a mountain of pieces of similar fabrics that cry out to be in your face and I admit to becoming obsessed about making them at the moment.

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