Saturday, 1 March 2008


I have made quite afew AtCs, most of which I haven't taken photos of as yet.

These two were for a Swap_Bot playing card 'faces', swap a while ago.Years before, I had bought a pack of cards whilst in Denmark. Not that I play cards, but these had the most wonderful King, Jack and Queen cards I have ever seen!
I mean have you ever seen such a glamorous Queen and a more Kingly head! Naturally they cried out to be altered!
I have 2 more suits and the other individuals to alter yet too lol
Tommorrow shall take afew photos, samples of the lapel or beanie hat pins I've been making most recently, to sell at Craft Fairs.
Then Sunday I will be up early to go to the local car boot sale, which is a hive of tatt and rubbish...that I delight in trawling through lol
Much of that tatt, desperate to be 'Rescued and Resusitated' so again, proof positive of my ethical journey and yes, of my innate need to hoard . . :)

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