Friday, 29 February 2008

Black Gesso Sampler

This is my foray into useing black gesso. I attended a workshop with Josie Storey and the idea was to embed string, net, scrunched up fabrics etc in gesso, on a cheap and cheerful canvas.

I had done this myself before but knew I would pick something new up and enjoy the workshop experience in any case.

Josie is a enjoyable tutor and was kind enough to let me use her black gesso, something I hadn't played with before!

I covered the canvas with a liberal coating of the gesso, sprinkled on some small squares of cut vertical blinds and then brushed over them too, with the gesso.

The canvas is about 8" x 6" and the squares were about 1 cm ..... (you work the math out!!)

I dry brushed Stewart Gill paint onto the small higgledy-piggledy squares to get that irridescance.......reminiscent of the gleam on fresh bacon! (apologies to the vegetarians amongst us ) Then I lightly painted on a clear sparkly top coat paint, from the DIY store, a much better buy!

The flower I made from fine voile and dampened, moulded, sinamey and hand stitched it into place. The central 'stamens' are simply grouped bunches of embroidery threads and silvery thread interspersed within. Afew silvery cross stitches amongst the background and it felt finished.

So give that black gesso a try next time you see it on the store shelf!

And the small squares of vertical blind? I got them at our local 'Scrapstore', which is an Aladins Cave of clean industrial waste materials for Clartists like me.....Oh! and the various member groups like Play Groups and Schools, Child Minders, Community Clubs etc.

Find out if you have one within striking distance!

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