Friday, 29 February 2008

liniecat at large . . .

Okay, so I have taken the plunge and started a blog . . . despite saying I would never need one, have time for one . . . and what was the point of one anyway.
(Whose a Smart Arse now then? Yes, point taken. lol)
So dear folks, if you pop in , this is ME!

Who am I?
I'm in 'muddleage' but quick witted, and not-that-half-daft a woman, who has had a fascinating life, been round the world twice and many off route places in between . . is happy in her own company ( especially since divorce, sadly)
and mother of two wonderful offspring.

I'm a 'Creative'.
Not an alien life form no, rather a person who HAS to make things.
I HAVE to, I don't choose to exactly. It's an intuitive need within me, that's been there, fermenting away since I was a lonely, only child.
Creativity is, I have come to realise, my Companion, my Therapy and my Muse
and as far as company goes . . . I am thankful for it's inspiring companionship.

So bear with me, Dear Reader, for I am learning as I go and will divulge as I progress no doubt, so you get to see the Creative within.
This Blog is to show and tell I suppose really . . . settle down Paparazzi . . .
I was thinking more of showing my crafts and achievements lol
along with the inevitable things that went wrong along the way, I'm sure too!

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