Friday, 29 February 2008

Daily work

My daily job is simply wonderful for someone who loves to craft.

I devise and make tactile learning resources for visually impaired children primarily.

These could be anything from a 3D model of a volcano to a tactile version, with braille, of a particular book.

I must say, I can only make a tactile and brailled version of any book, because a specific child is in need of an accessible version of that book, for educational reasons.

Copyright being what it is, I would not be able to just make a copy and say sell it!

I make an alternative version of books that are being used in a classroom, where one of our supported pupils is being taught. That child may have no vision at all and have no braille skills or possibly have slight or distorted vision. So each version made is specific for that childs use in class. So they have the opportunity to follow the story, by touch and with braille text to read, in some cases.

The pictures here show the kind of thing I do......this is the delightful story,

'One Bear at Bedtime' by Mick Inkpen and the book's illustrations are so wonderful.

I try very hard to honour the illustrators artwork and in practice, the sighted children within the class, also get the benefit of the tactile version, which I like to think, re-inforces the authors story.

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